As some of you may already undoubtedly know, it’s easy to just hop on to Reddit, find your way onto a betting subreddit, and discover what people think are the hottest new tips, allowing you to get as much money from your bets as possible.

Here on the site, we made sure that each of our readers understands what we are talking about, and why, regardless of their previous knowledge of a particular team or player. With articles detailing the rise and fall of certain prolific teams, such as Bayern Munich in their current Bundesliga season, you can begin to understand why specific changes occur in the soccer betting sphere, rather than just being told it has happened. This allows you to use your own judgement, to then further investigate, and decide upon the risk factors involved, instead of merely blindly following advice.

For each article, we ensure that the information used as a basis is up-to-date, relevant and unbiased, meaning that our work does not have any influence from team-affiliations. We are able to paint an accurate and informative picture of a team’s performance in the current climate, as well as objectively assess the potential of a team or player’s future.

Regardless of whether you are a soccer fanatic or a newcomer to the sport, our articles will ensure that you can learn something new about the world of soccer betting, and what your best options are in each corner of the globe, with pieces that focus on European, North American and Asian matches.


Doing everything right when placing bets isn’t an easy thing, especially when there are so many factors to take in mind. For example, South Africa has a huge passion to Rugby, Soccer and horse racing. By reading tips and game notes, you will understand better what are you odds and chances to win are and after you are ready you can look for the best Sports betting sites there are in South Africa and get a lot of Sports related news and sometimes even predictions.

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