A World United by Soccer

Soccer is the worldwide the most watched sport, the players are the most recognized by fans, and even those who are not soccer fans do know the main players and soccer players are also amongst the highest paid when it comes to athletes.

But then again, why would you use words to explain why it is the sport that reign supreme when the numbers have so much more power. Billions across the world love soccer more than any other sports game, which is why it is watched by over a quarter of a billion individuals in more than one-hundred-and-fifty countries.

The Success of Soccer – A Tale Told in Numbers

As astonishing as the story of soccer is in words, it can never have the same power as telling it in numbers, starting with the number of soccer spectators that is over 4 billion worldwide. It is also named the sport of the masses as it reaches a huge audience and it is the most famous sport, around two-thirds of the population globally are followers of the LaLiga, UEFA League, FIFA World Cup and the English Premier League. Apart from the audience, it is also the sport that pays the highest transfer prices.

Most Watched Sports Events in the History of Television

It comes as no surprise that the FIFA World Cup is the most watches and reaches an audience of 3.5 billion in 2014. More than half of the global population tuned in to watch the 2018 FIFA world cup and that is if the global audience includes everyone over the age of four. In comparison, the Olympic Games are watched by an audience of around 2 billion and the Tour de France by 2.6 billion viewers.

Most Expensive Soccer Transfers

In 2017 the transfer by Neymar to PSG from Barcelona was €222 million 2016’s most expensive transfer was that of Paul Pogba to Manchester from Juventus of €105 million 2013’s most expensive was Gareth Bale to Real Madrid from Tottenham for €100 million

Wealthiest Soccer Players in the World 2018

With a net worth of $450 million, Christiano Ronaldo was the wealthiest in 2018. His endorsements are worth $47 million, and his salary at Real Madrid is around $61 million including bonuses a year. Lionel Messi is was worth $400 million last year, and his endorsements came to around $27 million a year, while his bonuses and salary are estimated at $84 million a year.

Brand Values of Football Teams

According to Statistics Portal in 2018, Manchester United had a $1.9 billion brand value, which increased from $1.8 billion in 2017. The statistics also show that the team received 38.1 million pounds in broadcasting payments. The figures will change in 2019, it will increase as soccer has never failed to attract more fans, and without a doubt, the teams will enjoy more support than ever.