BGC Members Ending Streaming Rights

Controversy regarding the Football Association began last week when it became public knowledge that the FA had sold broadcasting rights to several online sportsbooks, leaving SkySports and BBC Sports in the dust. After creating a significant backlash in Great Britain, the Betting & Gaming Council confirmed that its several members would end their streaming rights going forward. Bet365, the priority holder of these broadcasting rights, confirmed that they’d hand over the rights to television networks. Refusal to handover these rights would’ve meant that every FA Cup would have been broadcast via online sportsbooks instead of EuroSports, SkySports or BBC Sports. The company in the last weekend alone broadcast twenty-three matches for television viewing, with the British Broadcasting Company showing a minimal two, so the loss is substantial for the betting company.

Most sports betting analysts have determined that this controversy sparked after the Great Britain government began their mental health campaign against gambling. It coincided with a campaign from the Football Association, which meant that the FA was falsely promoting mental health awareness while giving consumers more available access to one of the most addictive products worldwide. People struggling with gambling addiction could’ve gone to Betfair, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, Paddy Power, Unibet or Bet365.

All of these operators confirmed to reporters that they’d agreed to this decision with the Betting and Gaming Council. Though the BGC is leaving this controversial subject, executives with the Football Association face severe punishment. The Sports Minister of Britain is meeting with the FA to discuss what their directions are moving forward. The Chairman for the Betting & Gaming Council publicly stated to reporters that these betting sites didn’t seek the broadcasting rights for the Football Associations matchups. It was the FA that approached them and provided lucrative deals. Going forward, the BGC could be asked to hand over documents from lawmakers with the British Government.

Betway Flagged by ASA

These several operators weren’t the only individuals that had a substantial level of controversy this week. The Advertising Standards Authority targeted Betway after maintaining a YouTube Ad with Declan Rice, a Footballer in England. The ADA determined that Betway broke the Committees of Advertising Practice Legislation, which requires that individuals appearing in a gambling ad must be twenty-five years of age or older.

Considering that Declan Rice turned twenty less than a month ago, the West Ham Footballer unknowingly participated in illegal activities. Betway has denied that this YouTube Video was an advertisement and merely content for subscribers to enjoy. However, the Advertising Standards Authority noted that the video displayed sports betting products while using an athlete that correlates with betting offers on their sportsbook. Subsequently, legislation was broken. It’s estimated that a significant fine will be provided to Betway, valued anywhere between $25,000.00 and $100,000.00.