Caesars and ESPN Announce Collaboration for Content of Sports Betting

Caesars Entertainment is joining forces with ESPN to offer the very best in betting on sports news as well as entertainment to fans around the globe. The announced deal would include the building of a branded new ESPN studio at the LINQ Casino and Hotel based in Las Vegas. This is also the place where all new sports betting-themed news and content will be created together with ESPN’s segments of recently established sports betting shows.

Fans Get Access to All Information and Sports News

Fans demand information more than they did before, and it is all an indication of the changing sports betting market. ESPN is excited and thrilled about the opportunity to start immediately as millions of sports fans depend on them for sports updates and other news. The new studio will contribute to social shows, digital shows and serve as a Vegas hub for any odds-related original and content. ESPN online and app will play a vital part in sports event news, and all events hosted in Las Vegas and the new studio will be up and running in 2020.

Caesars Entertainment at the Book

Sports games changed forever at the book, which is the sports book inside the LINQ Casino and Hotel when over 50 television sets were added to ensure great game days. Food and beverages are prepared specially for sports events, and the LED are mounted to walls to offer the best views of the sporting action.

Taste, Laugh, Have Fun, Win and Repeat

Nothing is as you’d expect as the moment you enter the book you are handed a tablet, this controls your experience from start to end. You can select any food or drink from the digital menu, enjoy reality games augmented for social play or place bets via the sports app. It is also possible to surf the entire beer menu and at the same time, control your video display and audio by the touch of a button. Everything is set up to place you, the sports fan in control of your experience.

It is the most innovative and the newest sportsbook experience of the Strip, and it offers an experience unlike any other in many ways. Play, win, enjoy, eat, drink and have endless fun. There is also a live leaderboard that gives you the right to brag about your sports betting skills.

Fan Cave Experience At LINQ’ The Book

But, should you want to savour, sip and play sports you might want to get comfortable in one of the fan caves. Twelve living rooms offer 98-inch Televisions, game consoles and VR. Watch the best game of the day, play and get five friends that want a challenge. Drinks include tons of brews, and you can customise your drink to fit the occasion best. Punch bowls are a favourite for groups and offer either sangria, sparkling wine or patron.