Daniel Sturridge Suspended

Every once in a while, some sports hero or VIP dip their hands in the lucrative business of sports betting. Recently it was the story added to the name of Mooketsi Kgotlele, and now it is former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge who got himself banned for six weeks of play in domestic games, suspended to two weeks for providing inside information. He was also slapped on the wrist with a fine of £75,000.

The Charges against Sturridge

Initially, it started with eleven charges against Sturridge, but in the meantime, nine of these were dismissed. An independent panel handled the investigation against Sturridge and found him guilty of two of the eleven charges. The two charges which he was found guilty of occurred during a transfer window period in January 2018.

It was during a game against Sevilla FC that Sturridge gave instructions to his brother, Leon Sturridge, to place bets on certain moves which he was planning to make. The regulatory commission considers this kind of action as providing inside information, and that is breaching the set betting rules. The Football Association is, however, appealing both the findings as well as the sanctions against Sturridge because they consider it too lenient for his offence.

Sturridge’s Future

This far Sturridge played 26 times for the English team. Although he would be able to play again after the end of July, the striker is currently without a club after being recently released by Liverpool. It seems that he does have a variety of options to choose from since many clubs did show interest in him for the summer.

Recent updates also revealed that Sturridge is involved in talks with a Turkish team, Trabzonspor. The Turkish club offered the 29-year old Sturridge a two-year contract with another possible third-year extension. Although this seems to be an attractive offer towards him, there hasn’t been any final decisions made. Trabzonspor’s most significant competition to earn the likings of Sturridge appears to be Fenerbahce at this stage.

The FA’s Plans to Appeal

The future for Sturridge seems to be quite bright, and he was only receiving minimal punishment. The Football Association, by the words of Simon Jordan, is extremely unhappy with the sentence which he was handed. They are planning on appealing the outcome, and the consideration is that Sturridge should be banned for life from the game. He breached the betting regulations, and that harmed the integrity of the game. Jordan also felt that there was no justification for what Sturridge did.

Jordan is convinced that Sturridge didn’t feel the consequences of his actions and that the game of football suffered more harm than what he did. He also mentioned that Sturridge has no comprehension of the value of sport, and this is an indication of the kind of sportsman he is. Sturridge considers the FA’s appeal as disappointing.