Dugout Acquired by the OneFootball Application

An industry-changing announcement was issued by OneFootball, changing how supporters of European Football inquire about information regarding recent matches. Confirmations were made that Dugout has been sold, with OneFootball becoming the newest & second owners of this influential social media platform. Making this acquisition contract redefines strategic operations for OneFootball, which now sustains a working relationship with Europe’s most prominent clubs & access to seventy million international users. Video content managed by Dugout is becoming an exclusive for the OneFootball application & website.

Announcements were made months ago regarding OneFootball’s aspirations to become an “International Football Multimedia Portal”. Taking over operations of Dugout allows OneFootball to transition from a supplier of live scores, insights & news to an official broadcaster for European football. Additional content being supported on the OneFootball application in 2021 include video content, streaming rights, highlights, archival footage, and behind-the-scenes programs. When accounting that OneFootball is looking to acquire a prominent sportsbook in Europe & Great Britain, once that acquisition is sustained, there’ll be nothing stopping this application from maintaining a monopoly over European football content.

Social media publications provided for Barcelona FC, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-German, Olympique de Marseille, and Real Madrid are sustained by Dugout. That extends towards multiple franchises in the Premier League, including Chelsea FC & Manchester City. Another unexpected announcement from this acquisition confirmed all partners with Dugout are becoming shareholders in OneFootball, which likely decreased the acquisition cost by large percentages.

The Rising Future

Statements pertaining to this acquisition were signed by Chief Executive Officer & Founder of OneFootball, Lucas Von Cranach. Sentiments indicated a continued ambition towards becoming Europe & Britain’s ultimate destination for football-related content. Celebratory excitement was witnessed as CEO Cranach discussed welcoming ten of Europe’s most prominent franchises to their organization. It’s something that’ll change the future for OneFootball, and see this platform rise to dominance beyond investor expectations.