EA Eliminates Loot Box Gambling

Gambling takes multiple forms in the digital world, with eSports Betting becoming a prominent form for gamblers to earn finances through sportsbooks. Certain games operational in the eSports space aren’t viable in certain betting markets, with attributes of games like FIFA 2020 supporting features that are considered illegal. Avoiding the potential loss of profits associated to those attributes, Electronic Arts announced that FIFA has enabled “Ultimate Team Mode” to become eliminated. Terminating this feature is dependent on the hosting sportsbook and enables legal concerns to become abolished.

Sportsbooks providing odds & streaming services showcasing FIFA eSport Matches have the capability to disable “Ultimate Team Mode”. Multiple nations considering the feature a conflicting practice have praised Electronic Arts for eliminating what’s been nicknamed, “Lott Box Gambling”.

The FIFA Ultimate Team Database had its social media accounts release statements, which indicated that the feature wasn’t accessible because of authority demand in that region. Individuals not permitted access to the FUT Database haven’t been indicated, with India & the European Union being the exclusive regions knowingly considering “Ultimate Team” an illegal advantage to betting.

European gambling laws have grown tenfold recently, with developers of eSport games like FIFA being forced into corners to alternate core elements of gameplay to cater sportsbooks. Those demands began after EA Loot Boxes were seen through eSport divisions of FIFA. Loot Boxes give opposing forces advantageous capabilities at winning & increased the popularity amongst young children. Some reports indicate young children spending upwards of $3,000.00 illegally to purchase EA Loot Boxes on FIFA after watching eSport events.

No Monetary Relief for Parents

Parents affected by the illegal purchases of their children haven’t found any justice in this announcement. Monetary rewards meant for these parents after losing upwards of $3,000.00 was ignored by Electronic Arts. That’s becoming a conventional tactic in the gaming industry, to ignore consumers whenever a prominent issue has risen. These variations in gambling prompted by Electronic Arts must become eliminated worldwide.