As any German fan knows, the Bundesliga has been dominated by Bayern Munich for years, with the club having claimed every title in the German Football Championship since the 2012-2013 season. Bayern had essentially built a perfect reputation of efficiency in their play, with no movement occurring without purpose. Passing was merely a movement of the ball between two cogs of a well-oiled machine.

Despite this run of excellence, however, including a Champions League title in 2012-2013, the club has found themselves sitting in fifth place, with 11 games played. Now for many clubs, this would be a massive achievement in their country’s top tier of soccer, but for Bayern, this is an irregularity. They currently trail Borussia Dortmund by seven points and, with both of them facing fairly easy matches this week, the rankings are unlikely to change.

So what happened to a club that was once a sure-fire winner in soccer betting; a club that, even on their worst days, still managed to outclass others, and rise to the top of the Bundesliga, time and time again?

Unfortunately, even the best players must age, and that is one of the most significant problems affecting Bayern. Stars such as Thomas Müller, who will turn 30 next year, are but a shadow of their former glory, as we saw in his World Cup 2018 performances.

In the current Bundesliga season, Müller has scored only two goals from 10 appearances, meaning only 0.2 goals per appearance; this is in stark contrast to his previous seasons, such as in 2015-2016, in which he scored 20 goals in 31 appearances, totalling 0.65 goals per appearance.

With their position declining, and the team’s performance showing no signs of resurgence to beat Dortmund at the top of the table, could this be the first season that slips out of Bayern’s hands in six years? Has the giant of safe-betting in soccer been toppled?