Flutter Entertainment & XFL American Football Partner Up

The XFL American Football League and FanDuel have partnered up in a new agreement. This follows after prolonged discussions with Flutter Entertainment, who operates the FanDuel brand and needed a new service to compete with DraftKings. Instead of joining another league to compete against their head rivals, FanDuel selected the same league. Subsequently, both operators will compete with each other to acquire new customers under this form of sportsbetting.

Alpha Entertainment from Vince McMahon operates the XFL American Football League, which is meant to rival the National Football League. It was first unveiled to American supporters in 2001, living for less than two months with minimal popularity. Last year it was confirmed the league would be returning for a second stint, hoping to create a second league that provides football entertainment. It should be noted that Vince McMahon has lost millions in recent years from the declining popularity with WWE. Sporting analysts believe he revived the league in hopes of returning to previous profits made with Alpha Entertainment.

FanDuel Strategy to Beat DraftKings

FanDuel completed this partnership to provide fantasy customers with additional gaming services, allowing them to witness the unfolding action of the XFL’s inaugural season. Special promotions tailored to customer content will be provided through FanDuel, making them the title headliner for XFLS sportsbetting capabilities. DraftKings won’t be legally allowed to offer exclusive promotions to this league but can still offer standardized bonuses to consumers. Proprietary data is also being provided to FanDuel to ensure unique features for this brand.

Fantasy Sports has become synonymous with football, with fans demanding new experiences and thrilling betting options to enjoy. FanDuel and DraftKings have competed against each other for a prolonged time, with the latter being more popular. Maintaining this exclusive partnership could provide FanDuel with the required features needed to dominate over DraftKings. Those interested in viewing this upcoming football league can watch on the Vegas Stats & Information Network, as well as iHeartRadio. FanDuel will also hold all entertainment podcast rights relating to the XFL League. Those wanting inside coverage can listen to BetCasts, which is released twice weekly.