Mooketsi Kgotlele Banned for Life by FIFA

FIFA has placed a life ban on Mooketsi Kgotlele, former secretary-general to the Botswana Football Association. They have found him guilty for accepting bribes

New York Allowing Sports Betting On Soccer and More

Taking small steps, New York allowed sports betting at specific sportsbook lounges during the middle of July. Even though mobile sports betting is still

Betting Sponsorships Now Approved by PSL

It was two years ago when the Premier Soccer League was very rigid in their decision against allowing sponsorships from sports betting companies. They

MLS Say Yes to Spirits and Sports Betting Sponsors

This week brought a breakthrough for major sports leagues in Canada and the United States when Major League Soccer became the first to allow

Soccer and Emotional Betting

Emotions and money seldom walk a lucrative path, and with a sport as emotional as soccer, sports betters sometimes lose their cool and then

Why Is Paul Scholes Fined for Betting on Soccer?

This week has seen Manchester United former midfielder Paul Scholes being fined a hefty £8 000 for betting on soccer. Over the period from August

The United States Women’s Soccer Team

In 2015 they defeated Canada and walked away with their third cup. They were also the winners of the first ever Women’s World Cup

Using Soccerbot in the Women’s World Cup

On Friday the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off with France beating South Korea with a 4-0 score. An excellent way for the French

Bafana Bafana Odds in AFCON

With the AFCON Cup lurking shortly, what are the predictions for Bafana Bafana? Will they be able to repeat a moment celebrated by the

Macau Football

Football in Macau is managed by the Associação de Futebol de Macau, which also runs the national league and the national football team. Betting