Gambling Advertising Restrictions Considered by the Spanish Government

The Spanish Government is considering stronger regulations for the online gambling industry. This follows after problem gambling has become more prevalent across the European Union. It’s prompted the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in Spain to consider restrictions on betting advertisements, with Alberto Garzon confirming these plans. It should be noted that an election campaign was held in-government with the Unidad Podemos Political Party. Most politicians in the Spanish government agreed to protect the youth from gambling addictions.

Television advertisements on gambling products would see severe reductions listed at 80%. These proposed laws would also ban these lotteries and betting corporations from employing celebrities to market various products. These laws would also drastically affect football clubs in Spain, who would be forced to remove any betting sponsorship from children clothing. The MCAS noted that regulations on gambling advertisements must be similar to tobacco, informing the youth and public of the associated risks. These football clubs haven’t taken to the proposed legislation, with the concerned to what extent the MCAS will continue to impose new by-laws in the bill.

Online betting sites in Spain agreed voluntary to an updated advertising code in November 2019. This updated code would’ve imposed stronger restrictions on gambling ads. These operators were shocked to learn the extent of the newly formed legislation, with them initially being told they’d have to implement responsible gambling messages with all advertisements. These operators were also told that the celebrity clause would be enforced exclusively with famous athletes, not all celebrities. This has led to multiple online betting sites expressing their public anger against the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Since these operators signed on the dotted line, nothing can be done going forward.

European Restrictions on Betting

The gambling advertisements restrictions imposed in Spain have become the norm across Europe. Nations like Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland and France, have similar restrictions in place. These laws are minimal in comparison to other limits enforced by various governing authorities. Betting regulators must abide by many rules to operate legally, with their tax rates being incredibly high in nations like the United Kingdom and France. However, at least these operators can continue to provide betting services. When it applies to the United States of America, sports betting is a particular form of gambling permitted by the federal government.