Gamstop Partners with Professional Players Federation

Raising awareness behind social channels & programs to assist governing associations to create problem gamblers. The knowledge behind these assisting services for the general public is limited, with governing bodies like the UKGC starting to advertise what bettors can do whenever they feel there’s a problem at hand. Another regulator has begun following an identical strategy, with it being announced that the Professional Players Federation has partnered with Gamstop.

Gamstop is a national operator of self-exclusion gambling services throughout the United Kingdom, with multiple subsidiaries. Gamstop means “Stop Gambling”, with their services consisting of various programs & social recommendations to avoid problem betting. The Professional Players Federation will work with Gamstop to create awareness by using prominent athletes in the Premier League & ECB.

The Chief Executive Officer of PPF discussed the self-exclusion partnership. Simon Taylor would announce a specialized program for professional athletes in the Premier League, ECB, Formula One, or any other prominent sport in the UK. CEO Simon Taylor evoked that these athletes have higher risks of developing gambling problems. The combination of inside knowledge & millions in available finances creates horrific circumstances that can see wealth swindled-away in days.

The Chief Executive Officer of Gamstop discussed the educational commitment that her self-exclusion services will provide to problem bettors. Fiona Palmer also evoked her excitement towards partnering with the Professional Players Federation, and that together they’ll educate prominent athletes in the UK of problem gambling. CEO Palmer ended her sentiments by evoking players will be given practical tools & supportive social channels to remain protected from at-risk gambling.

The Problem Gambling Initiative

Gamstop will create new programs that correlate with the Professional Player Federation’s “Problem Gambling Initiative”. This service educates athletes on the risks associated with gambling online, which are large for multi-millionaires. Standard gamblers earning $35,000.00 to $50,000.00 aren’t considered at-risk bettors. These individuals typically implement weekly or monthly budgets that govern their wagering. Prominent athletes earning millions avoid this concern, similar to musicians that’ve become known for their gambling addictions.
Eliminating an athlete from online betting is impossible, and ultimately requires the internal strength of that individual to overcome his or her addiction. Gambling is considered one of the most challenging habits to defeat.