Leaving DC United

This week revealed its number of surprizes and Wayne Rooney signing on at Derby County for an 18-month contract as coach-player, is probably the highlight. It was roughly around a year after joining MLS at DC United that Rooney mentioned for the first time that he is receiving offers from clubs of the UK and the States for a coaching position. Then rumours of negotiations between him and the Championship Club, Derby County surfaced, and now it is signed and sealed. Rooney is indeed leaving DC United to return to English soil. He confirmed that in his decision, he placed his family first. They struggled to adjust in the States and wanted to return to England. He will move to Derby County during the winter transfer period in January.

The 33-year-old record goalscorer and previous captain of both Manchester United as well as England moved to DC United last year in June. He signed a contract to play for them for two and a half years. The deal is worth $13 million. He was immediately a star at DC United and already had 25 goals behind his name from 45 appearances. Although there are still two seasons left on his contract, Rooney felt the need to return to England, despite taking a pay cut and losing out on millions.

Derby County

The Championship club is exceptionally excited about Rooney joining them. Mel Morris, the owner of the club, stated that Rooney isn’t only a great player with magnificent skills, but also always showing extreme professionalism in his play and a man with excellent leadership skills. The decision to offer this position to Rooney was one which was still fresh when it was realized, and it carries the backing of club manager Phillip Cuco. Cuco joined Derby about a month ago, and they already had their first success in their opening game against Huddersfield with a 2-1 score.

The question asked towards Morris was also whether the club’s decision to sign Rooney would bring on some penalties from Financial Fair Play, but he is convinced that the club has secured the support they need and have always had high regard for FFP regulations and that this won’t change it.

Rooney Still Wanted to Coach in His Career

Rooney stated that he always wanted to coach. It was one of those goals which he still wanted to achieve, and now it is possible. He also said that he still has some good play left in him, and when that is done, he will consider his options again. The rumour is, however, that he has his eye on a much larger goal. Frank Lampard left Derby recently to manage Chelsea, and it seems that Derby will also be a stepping stone for Rooney. Rooney’s end goal is ultimately to return to Manchester United, but this time, as manager.