Major Deal Makes Sports History

May 2018 will always be remembered as the moment in history when the walls between sports and sports betting crumbled as the US Supreme Court changed their perspective and legislation regarding legal betting and gambling in the country. It was that moment in history that changed everything as we knew it.

This new legislation changed the landscape of sports betting for good. The new bill was welcomed by casino owners globally, and the United States became a land of possibility for many beyond the national borders. Bookmakers are flourishing, the government is earning massive amounts in tax revenue from wagers placed, and sports fans are engaged on a new and more profound level. Sports betting grew at a phenomenal speed over the past year and a half, and now we are moving on to the next step.

What is the Next Step?

This week it was announced by the CEO of Verizon Media, Guru Gowrappan and the Chairman as well as CEO of MGM Resorts International, Jim Murren that these two giants, BetMGM and Yahoo Sports has just signed a deal. The idea behind this deal is to expand on the sports betting solution of Yahoo Sports through collaboration and the creation of exciting live events and new content experiences.

Through this multi-year agreement, Yahoo Sports will become the official Digital Media Sports Partner of MGM Resorts. The launch of this integration is set to happen already as early as November this year, and it will be available on both Google Play and iOS within the US. The transactions done through the app will take place on the platform of BetMGM. The sports affected by the new partnership are baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, NHL, NBA and college sports. This partnership is seen as iconic, showing the way in creating new ways for fans to go beyond simple engagement with content and interaction through commerce. Gowrappan believes that this is the start of new products that will be able to connect users with their passions on a deeper level.

The Details of the Deal

With this deal, BetMGM will be responsible for the distribution of the content of Yahoo Sports through all their properties and various platforms across the country and in return Yahoo sports will be the host of various multiplayer events planned at the various MGM Resorts.

Several of the major leagues are already in partnership agreements with MGM. Both the NHL and NBA have already expressed their excitement, stating that this new deal will benefit the experience of their fans. All these new opportunities and improvements once again testify of the rapid speed and the significant progress continually happening within the world of sports betting.