Online betting IS safe, If Punters Take a Few Precautions

The three main risks sports betting enthusiasts are concerned about, the one is to avoid their personal details falling into the wrong hands, bank details will lead to fraudulent transactions and the other is that they’ll be spammed to death. Online sports book sites use all the latest technology to ensure player’s details are encrypted and completely safe and most ask players to install anti-malware software, to keep their computers or mobile devices updated and to use strong passwords.

Passwords Can Make or Break Your Security

Passwords need to be changed often and is important whether you place bets on your favorite team or communicate via Skype, email or regularly visit social media sites. Splash-data have just released a list of the most commonly used passwords and these are the ones you should avoid as they would be the easiest to figure out by hackers and unauthorized sources.

Most Commonly Used Passwords in 2018

The password that remains at the top of the most used passwords is “123456”, a password that made it onto the list for the first time is “Donald”, while another newcomer is “‘!@#$%^&*″, which corresponds to 123456 in special characters.

One of the most popular passwords, which ended up this year as the sixteenth most used word is “football”, while there is a lot of love spread around as “i love you” appeared in the tenth position of the ten worst passwords used in the previous year. It is estimated that at least 10% of people around the world have used one or more of the worth possible twenty-five passwords on this year’s list.

Hackers enjoy great success since many online users use sports, or celebrity names as passwords, don’t often change their passwords and everyone is trying to use a combination or word that is easy to remember. The 123456 password remains at the top of the list for the fifth year in a row, while the sixth worst is 111111, the list is published to encourage people to use stronger passwords and to regularly change the password. After several international hacks such as that of the National Republican Congressional County and the Marriott, the release of the list is to encourage all online users to select stronger passwords.

The best way to protect your privacy is to use strong passwords made up of a mix selection of numbers, characters and to make some lower and other high cases. Password management tools are a great way to keep all your passwords protected as one of the main reasons why people are not changing their passwords is that they have to remember and get used to the new password sequence. One of the recommended options is to make a list of 12 different password combinations and to then rotate the passwords to ensure you change your password frequently. Yet one thing that stands out from the list of worst passwords is that none contains a mix of numbers and letters, which has been recommended by security companies for several years now. Remain safe online by changing your password today!