Pomadorro Extends Agreement with Betby

Esports Virtual Series has become the go-to for sporting associations worldwide. It started with MotoGP and Formula One, which tasked drivers to use their simulators to entertain supporters. It didn’t take long for sporting associations like the NHL, MLS and NBA to follow suit. Online sportsbook suppliers have dedicated their efforts throughout the last several days to inquire about new contracts. These contracts would allow them to provide betting options for a variety of Esports. Betby has become the latest sportsbook to extend their agreement, which is maintained with Pomadorro. This agreement enables Betby to offer betting services of the FIFA Virtual Series and CS:GO Tournaments. Any future Esport Series introduced to Pomadorro will immediately be loaded onto the Betby servers.

The Chief Commercial Officer with Betby spoke on the extension contract from the self-isolation of his home. Chris Nikolopoulos mentioned the companies delight towards their growing partnership with Pomadorro. He noted that they’d been a significant supporter behind the Betby services since launch, with both parties recognizing that innovative and newly reformatted content must be offered to please our supporters. It’s why we’re happy to introduce products by the FIFA20 Virtual Series.
Betby isn’t an exclusive online establishment to these betting products. Joy Casino & Casino-X have also been included under Pomadorro’s newest sportsbook offerings. It should be mentioned that Pomadorro NV maintains ownership of these two properties, with both casinos being licensed through the Curacao eGaming Commission.

New Products Amidst COVID-19

Representatives with Pomadorro NV mentioned that Betby has continuously displayed a reliable & robust sportsbook platform for the online community. We’re honoured to provide our proprietary product to Betby, as we know they’ve made the best use possible out of Esports. Those sentiments continued with Pomadorro noting that the current betting climate has changed, that retaining those bettors have become a significant challenge. However, both Pomadorro and Betby look forward to tackling this challenge together.

This partnership extension is the 1st instance that Betby has expanded a previous agreement. Betby has continued to enhance its products internally, which means they didn’t need the requirement of an extension. This changed after the coronavirus pandemic broke out & the entirety of the Betby workforce remains home. New solutions are now required.