Postponed Event Wagers Paid Out by BetWarrior

The Covid-19 Pandemic has prompted multiple corporations to implement excessive refund policies. This includes the sports betting industry, which has seen numerous firms provide funds back. These funds apply towards bets made with their online sportsbooks. The latest to confirm their returned wagers to players is BetWarrior, who allowed for funds to be replaced and specialized tokens to be gained. These tokens are usable towards re-scheduled sporting events, with this being viable for players that wagered between February 28th and March 12th. Listed leagues compatible with BetWarrior’s return policy include the National Basketball Association, the Premier League, La Liga and the European Championships.

The chief executive officer for BetWarrior expressed that their delighted to bring good news for their sports bettors, informing them that outright bets placed on postponed events have made them winners. The winning capabilities apply to the received tokens and returned finance. Morten Tonnesen noted that BetWarrior would continuously provide mobile entertainment to bettors with their sportsbooks. He’ll continue to update supporters through Twitter and Instagram.

Sportsbook bettors were concerned that one of these sporting venues were re-instated, under the conditional outcome, those awarded token winnings would be returned. Representatives with BetWarrior confirmed that the result of these sporting events wouldn’t affect their original winnings. Gaming analysts believe that this decision was prompted to ensure that 25% of their client-base wouldn’t disappear overnight. Considering that BetWarrior maintains 850+ casino games with multiple promotions and VIP Services, there’ still plenty for consumers to experience without the sportsbook.

Conceptual Solutions for Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks are designing new solutions and concepts throughout Europe and America. The lack of sporting venues is causing a severe decline in available wagers. Sportsbooks are now promoting Esports and Entertainment Bets. Recently, bets were permitted for an F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix in Bahrain. It’s unknown how many players engaged with this event at BetWarrior. Profit valuations for BetWarrior are expected to increase by 28.4% over the Covid-19 Pandemic. That’s because an overwhelming majority of players will be self-isolated, requiring entertainment from their laptops or mobile phones. It’ll be interesting to see the quarterly profits earned by BetWarrior in 2020.