Soccer and Emotional Betting

Emotions and money seldom walk a lucrative path, and with a sport as emotional as soccer, sports betters sometimes lose their cool and then the losses are significant. Some outrageous bets make one wonder what they were thinking. Let’s explore some of the severe cases of money being poured down the drain and then some good fortune.

Missing out on £800 000

The scene is set for the World Cup 2010 semi-finals game between Germany and Spain. On the shoulders of Germany lies the weight of a £417 000 bet, placed by a punter on the pre-tournament favourites.

During half time the scores were still 0-0, but his luck took an immense downwards tumble when during the 73rd minute of the game Carles Puyol scores a goal, and £417 000 was never to be seen again. Were the odds the other way around, he would have walked away with a total of £800 000, but now this remains nothing more than a dream, and an event noted in the record books as the most significant amount lost in a single bet on a soccer match.

Losing Student Loan

It is 2010 African Cup, and one inspired university student decided to place his entire year’s student loan on a single game in a single bet. His thought was that Angola is going to win Mali and he put the sum of £4 400 on this conviction. This seemed to be working out great for him when Angola was ahead with 4 – 0 and only 12 minutes left on the clock.

But then the unlikeliest of events played out, and in the remainder of the game, Mali scores four goals leaving 4-4 on the scoreboard. Even if Angola would have taken the win, the punter would only profit with £44 and not £440 as he thought. All was lost, and it was a sad good-bye to the year’s study money.

A Near Miss of a Fortune

In Pembroke, West Wales a pensioner placed a £1 bet on the outcome of 15 matches over one action filled weekend. His predictions were spot on for 14 of the 15, and he only needed Liverpool to be defeated by Manchester United to walk away with a payout of £1 million.
But David Moyes and constant disaster on the field and Manchester United stood in the way of his fortune. Settling on a payout of £72 000, at least he didn’t leave empty-handed.

Betting Bonanza

Betting on every team playing is probably the safest option to go, and even though it is no clear indication of conviction in your predictions, it is a safe option. Brain Matthews took this safe option when he supported every team to score in a fifteen-game selection. The results paid off with him making an entire £112 500 from nothing more than a £15 bet. This is what you would call a win-win situation.