The betting industry has maintained an amazing growth, and sports betting has basically never been bigger than it is right now. There are plenty of new ways to wager on your favourite team via desktop or mobile applications and for many sports betting has become a source of additional income. Soccer betting is one of the most popular betting activities and with so many punters aiming to earn big profits from correctly predicting the outcome of major games, several have enjoyed massive success.

Some of the Biggest Wins via Soccer Betting

Back in 2010, a punter from London placed a bet worth £40 on an accumulator. The mentioned punter compiled a fourteen-match bet slip including clubs such as Fiorentina, Valencia, Espanyol, Port, Barcelona and AC Milan to name a few. In the UK it was a stormy day, which prevented him from wagering on the premier leagues and maybe that played in his favour as he won £117.000 and selected to remain anonymous.

Regularly placing bets at the shop in Lichfield, a family guy placed an accumulator bet worth £2.50 in 1999 and his predictions included that the champions league would be won by Manchester United, which got him a win worth $157,000 and when he came to collect his cash, he told the bookmaker that he would most definitely be back to do it all again.

Another punter placed a £2.50 bet on a 9-way accumulator that included that Arsenal and Manchester City would draw, that Blackburn would beat Liverpool, the Wolves would beat Chelsea and that Bilbao would draw with Barcelona and even he had to agree that this was a difficult bet to get anywhere, still he was right in all predictions and won £272,000.

When it comes to how much you could win form a small bet, this win takes the first place, well that is what the winner told the press afterwards. A bet worth only 30p rewarded a win worth £500,000 when Valencia was defeated by Bayern Munich in 2001. It was part of a fourteen-way accumulator that provided the punter with a win he never expected, the odds of him winning was after all 1,666,666 to 1.

We saved the best for last as you probably already expected, this time it was a nineteen-game accumulator. The punter parted with 85p he placed on the accumulator bet in 2011. The odds of winning at the time was 683,738 to 1 and even while the punter asked to remain unknown and his anonymity wish was honored, he is still one of the luckiest in sports betting. He is probably now living on a beach enjoying the sun, or maybe he is still placing bets on sports. His 85p bet on the 19-game accumulator got him a profit of £585,143!