As with all types of betting, the most important thing before starting out is setting a budget. You need to understand how much you are willing to spend and, more importantly, able to lose. A max budget allows you to start setting limits for the amount you want to place in a single bet; it’s important to prevent yourself from running out of potential capital if you have an unlucky streak and end up losing your first few bets.

Once your budget is set, you’ll need to start on some of the simpler bets in soccer before you move on to more complicated prospects. One of the easiest bets on the field is the “full time result” option, in which you simply have to pick a winner out of two teams, or call a draw. In games that have extremely weighted odds in favour of one team, the returns are very low, but there is very little chance the favourite team will lose. A good example would be a top tier team playing a team multiple divisions below them in a multi-tiered league or cup; despite there being little-to-no return on the bet, you will gain an understanding of the game, as well as things to look out for with the teams. You can also use soccer betting predictions to try and help you when calling games that have closer odds.

Another excellent starter bet is the “over/under” bet, which allows you to estimate how many goals will be scored in the game, without having to choose an exact number. By simply checking the style of soccer that the teams play, you can make a fair estimate on the number of goals that will be scored; if they are both very strong defensively, it is unlikely many goals will be scored, while if they are both offensively impactful, it is likely to feature more goals.

The key is to start slow and build up confidence.