Some Seriously Crazy Soccer Bets

In all honesty, the game has a way to get emotions stirred, and when any sports betting is done in an emotionally fuelled moment, it can be risky. With considerable risk comes great reward or great disappointment. Hence let’s explore some of the most outrages sports bets ever placed in the game of soccer.

This is a dream for many, which came true for one. This one person is Daman Chick, a kitchen fitter by trade in Britain. During the 2016 Euro Final, this Aston Villa supported placed a £5 bet in support of Eder playing for Portugal. The chance was on Eder scoring in the 109th minute of the final played against France. The bet brought Chick £1 million and was part of the BetVictor £1 million Goal Competition.

Sometimes It is Almost Brilliant

There are winners, and there are losers, and then there are those that almost made it to greatness. An unfortunate pensioner from the town Pembroke set in West Wales is such a person. He managed to predict 14 out of 15 matches successfully and all he needed to win £1 million from his £1 bet, was for Manchester United to win Liverpool. Between him and riches was David Moyes, not being able to deliver. United was defeated and the pensioner’s promising winnings shrunk to £72 000. Still not bad, but far from £1 million.

More often than not, it is better not to risk money which is vital to ensure a better future for yourself. This was a mistake learned the hard way when a university student decided to punter his entire year’s student loan valued at £4 400 on Angola during the African Nations Cup. During the last couple of minutes Mali, which was four goals behind the entire time, managed to score four goals which led to a 4-4 draw. He lost his whole year’s study money in one go.

Both Teams Scoring

Dual team betting is loved by sports wager and Wolves fan, Brain Matthews. He placed a £15 bet with his 15-match BTTS accumulator, and it brought him high returns of £112 500. He put a bet on every single team playing and winning was bound to happen. What made it extra special is that the winning goal only happened during injury time — some serious nail-biting moments during the end of the play.

Alonso had a reputation for long-range shooting. His ability inspired Adrian Hayward, to place a bet on the Spaniard to score a goal from his side during the season of 2006. The punter was offered odds of 125.00, and he responded to that by placing his wager valued at £200. He wasn’t disappointed. During the 3rd round tie between Liverpool and Luton, it came true, and the punter got a payout of £25 000.