South African Football – After 1950s

With several soccer clubs formed by the 1950s, soccer became hugely popular from 1950 onwards. This was especially so due to one of the major teams, the Moroko Swallows, that started in 1947. Another was the South African team called the Springboks that toured New Zealand and Australia.

Yet anyone interested in sports betting or South African sports knows that the first African Football Championship took place in 1950. In this unofficial championship, the Bantu Football club was defeated by the Belgian Congo team in Elisabethville. Shortly after the anti-apartheid federation was founded known as the SASF.

End of Apartheid in South African Soccer – Or So Many Believed

FIFA re-admitted the SAFA in 1952, and the AFA won its tournament in Southern Rhodesia in 1953. The first apartheid sports policy were articulated in 1956 by TE Donges the Minister of the Interior, and SAFA changed its name to FASA due to major pressure from FIFA. Finally, South Africa could gain access to international contracts, and David Julius and Stephen Mokone became the first to sign contracts with Sporting Lisbon and Cardiff City.

FIFA Suspends FASA in 1961

Finally, when all seemed to go well with international soccer the NFL launched in South Africa, yet again it was a league reserved only for white players, the Orlando Stadium opened in May, and the CAG expelled South Africa, while FIFA suspended South Africa. Soccer fans became outraged and in 1962 over eleven soccer fans died in Johannesburg at the Jeppe Station after a derby at Natalspruit led by the Moroka Swallows. 10,000 Spectators attended the match in Basotho land played between the Black Pirates and the all whites Germiston Callies, in which the Callies beat the Pirates 3 -1.

FIFA Suspension Lifted in 1963

FIFA finally lifts the suspension of FASA and announced it would send an all-black team to the 1970 World Cup and an all-white team to the 1966 World Cup, thanks to the temporarily re-instate by Stanley Rous in 1963, but before any of the teams could attend the World Cup, FASA got suspended again in 1964 and expelled in 1976 from FIFA.

FIFA Suspends SA – Also Expelled from the Olympics

In 1964 the Football Association of SA suspension by FIFA is re-imposed, and the leadership of the federation was arrested, persecuted and banned. In 1965, Albert Jurry-Hurry became the first and the last black South African to ever play against Liverpool as in 1966 the SASL folds lack to support, sponsorships and playing grounds.

The Olympic Movement expelled South Africa in 1970, finally on the 26th of January 1973 FIFA agrees to allow foreign teams to tour SA during the South African Games. But while the games were scheduled for March, FIFA withdrew its permission on the 11th of February since the temporary lift of suspension was based on the understanding that the March games would be multi-racial. After several attempts from South Africa to enter international soccer, the country was formally expelled in 1976 from FIFA, and the National Football League finally folded in 1977.

The first ever white player to sign up with a black team was Keith Broad in 1979 when he joined Orlando Pirates and shortly after Kaizer Chiefs got a major sponsorship form Premier Milling Company.