SportRadar Broadening F1 In-Play Markets

Formula One supporters were excited by the announcement that SportRadar would be broadening their available in-play services for F1 sportsbetting. These new services were slated to begin on March 15th, which was immediately halted under the announcement that the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled amidst the coronavirus. This hasn’t terminated the available products from SportRadar, which will begin immediately when the season is resumed.

The Formula One 2020 Season won’t start until May 2020, meaning that SportRadar loses a substantial percentage of their available time on the 1st year contract, which ends in August 2020. It’s expected that the initial contract will be re-signed for an additional year, with live data taken from on-track suppliers provided to registered clients. This data is supposed to give the bettors a substantial advantage against other punters with different sportsbooks.

Additional services provided through the SportRadar platform includes “Historical F1 Data”, which is maintained to create relevant live odds. This service is available throughout twenty markets worldwide, with coverage including Practice & Qualifying starting later this season. Data coverage extends towards the podium finished, race winners and previous market results. The Managing Director of Sports Partnerships for SportRadar, David Lamplit, mentioned that F1 had become one of the most notable brands globally. Maintaining this contract provides SportRadar will multiple opportunities that could expand their respective brand to new heights.

These remarks noted that “Live In-Race Betting” creates additional opportunities for supporters, with engaging experiences provided through regularly updated data. This information is refreshed every sixty seconds, giving unique capabilities to the trained bettor. When questioned on this partnership, the Head of Digital Media Rights for Formula One provided his insight. Adam Crothers expressed that this partnership gives their supporters the change to engage with a unique platform, which hadn’t been possible under the official sponsorship of F1 until now.

Limited Profits Until May 2020

This extension on available In-Play and Live-Play Betting Services couldn’t have come at the worst time for SportRadar. The coronavirus pandemic has caused the immediate postponement of the Formula One 2020 Season until May. Those cancellations of Grand Prix’s could extend to prolonged periods depending on the global condition of this pandemic. However, the novel coronavirus cannot live in temperatures over 27+ Degrees. It’s suspected that summer will mark the destruction of Covid-19.