The United States Women’s Soccer Team

In 2015 they defeated Canada and walked away with their third cup. They were also the winners of the first ever Women’s World Cup and had been dominating this tournament the entire time. Under the training hand of Jill Ellis, their last defeat was in 2017 against Australia with a 1-0 loss. Their place in the finals was sealed when they crushed Jamaica with a 6-0 score on the board. So far in the tournament, they have thumped Thailand with a 13-0 win. Their next game is against Chile on Sunday just before taking on Sweden on Thursday. This is also probably the final tournament for USWNT stars Allie Long, Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe and the possibility of setting a world record of winning a fourth cup seem possible.

The Hosts

France, under the guidance of Corinne Diacre, is currently standing at a 7/2 to win the cup. Playing in their yard and the hopes to follow in the footsteps of the men’s team is enough motivation to keep the cup in France. This far, they haven’t had challenging clashes due to group placement. They have demolished South Korea in the opening games with 4-0, defeated Norway 2-1 and is due to play Nigeria soon. The question remains whether they will be able to move on when they face USWNT in a quarterfinal game.


Japan entered with a 9/114 odds to win. In 2011 in Germany, they took the cup home. Later on, in 2015, they ended up as runners-up during the 2015 tournament. 2018 brought its victory to them winning the Women’s Asian Cup and leaving Australia behind as runners-up. This far they have played Argentina and ended the game with a 0-0 on the scoreboard. They are looking forward to their games against Scotland and England.

The Least Likely to Perform

South Africa tops this list, and they are playing a defensive game and Janine van Wyk is doing her best. But still, Banyana Banyana will most probably return to South Africa with zero points achieved. Thailand has shown vast improvement, but they are always on the defence and will most likely not score at all. Chile is also active in a defensive game, and Christine Endler is working hard in front of the goal box, but her teammates don’t succeed in getting the ball even close to the box themselves.

The Women’s World Cup is, however still far from over and the ladies still have time to show some guts and achieve some glory. Between the favourites and the underdogs lies a vast number of teams which can still outperform and out achieve.