UK High Court Case with Betfred Begins

The United Kingdom High Court have begun their case against Betfred, which follows after the sportsbook & casino refused to provide a player with their jackpot winnings of £1.7 Million. Betfred used a standard excuse with refuting to payout winnings, claiming that software malfunctions occurred during the jackpot. When Betfred provided Andy Green from Lincolnshire with that excuse in 2018, the UK Civilian responded with a lawsuit that payouts from Playtech’s “Frankie Dettori Magic Seven Blackjack” weren’t awarded.

Betfred legally awarded Andy Green with the £1.7 Million to his account but refused to withdraw those finances. Numerous times in 2018, Andy Green had requested that payouts be removed to his bank account. Betfred continually informed him that prizes wouldn’t be paid following proof of a software glitch. When requesting that proof, Betfred stopped responding to Andy Green. Lawyers working under the employment of Andy Green clarified that after legal request to witness the evidence, Betfred refused.

The United Kingdom High Court begun their investigations with Andy Green in 2019 after contact with Betfred stopped. He informed the High Court that Betfred offered £30,000.00 for compensation of the software glitch. This indicates that the sportsbook & casino were illegally holding winnings from Andy Green while trying to blackmail the Lincolnshire resident into taking a lower payout financially. After Green refused the initial offer of £30k, Betfred suggested another bid of £60,000.00. Andy rejected both proposals from Betfred.

Pay Up Buttercup

Two years of legal proceedings have unfolded for Andy Green & the United Kingdom High Court. Financial implications from this lawsuit will affect the parent company of Betfred, Petfre Gibraltar. Green’s Lawyers are requesting that Petfre Gibraltar payout £2 Million in monetary compensation. The additional £300,000.00 will account for the cost of lawyers.

Whenever Betfred has been questioned by media personnel on their position with this lawsuit, the sportsbook & casino have continually evoked that legislation legally enables them to withhold payments from customers. Betfred has essentially admitted their guilt in this lawsuit through media interviews. The bullish behaviour shown by Betfred has sullied their reputation, with player percentages falling monthly. They are never expected to recover.