Using Soccerbot in the Women’s World Cup

On Friday the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off with France beating South Korea with a 4-0 score. An excellent way for the French to enter the Cup on their home territory. With seven games already played in the Cup, the victories thus far went to Germany, Norway, Spain, Brazil, Australia and England.

With these games already played, all eyes in the sports betting world is set on the future games to be played. One of these games in which it would be easy to make predictions is the one between Japan and Argentina.
The Final Score Seems to Be Obvious

On Monday the Group D action is between Argentina and Japan at Roazhon Park. Japan is currently the betting favourite at -1111 with Argentina at a +1800 being considered as the underdogs in this match. For both teams, this is their opening matches with pressure being severe to make the knockout rounds. Both teams are expected to play a competitive game under the guidance of Takahura on Japan’s side and Borrello in the Argentinian Camp. But hang on to your bets and first, have a look at what Soccerbot predicts.


The Soccerbot model has proven itself to be highly accurate in predicting scores. The applied mathematician, David Sumpter’s Soccerbot model, makes use of all data regarding team performance as well as the current odds. This is then using this data combined with key metrics to be able to predict results for future matches. The success is acknowledged through the past three seasons being 2 000 per cent on Premier League picks. During the 2018 World Cup, the model brought a fantastic return on investments for those who followed it.

Soccerbot on Japan and Argentina

The Soccerbot model takes a mathematical approach to predict scores. The model takes into the calculation that Japan ranks as No.7 in the FIFA rankings and that they won the 2011 Women’s World Cup. Also that during the 2012 Olympics they were the runner-ups. All their achievements are entered into the system. On the Argentinian side, the data is introduced that it is only their fourth appearance in the Women’s World Cup. During a friendly game last month, they also stepped out as victors with a big score in their favour. This would serve as motivation on gain during this Women’s World Cup their first points. It also takes into account that five goals led Argentina during their game against Panama, which brought them a position in the playoff. All of this data entered gives the model sufficient information to make accurate predictions. But not only reliable but also lucrative.

Results, as predicted by Soccerbot, is revealed to those who have memberships at Superline. With a track record as those anticipated already by Soccerbot over the past couples of seasons, it might just make it worth your while to earn big money during this Women’s Soccer World Cup.