Vegas Attorney on Sports Betting

Roughly a decade after Wikileaks spilt the story about the American Embassy in Sofia spending most of their time monitoring the match-fixing taking place in Eastern European Soccer; the American Diplomats now confirm that the leading teams and top divisions of Bulgaria are the hostages of the local Oligarchs. It appears that every single match played in this country, is rigged.

Many schemes have proven themselves to be the best tactics in throwing a game in your favour. These are the old-school tactics of simply bribing the referees. Alternatively, some key players are bribed to underperform to ensure that their team loses the match with a specific score in place. Regardless of steps taken against these actions like firing the referee selection commission now for the second year in a row, the trust of the nation is still not set within European Soccer results. The knowledge that specific teams decide, before even stepping onto the field, what the score will be in the end, or particular inexplicable and odd play and performances, isn’t helping either.

Nick Wooldridge

Wooldridge is a Las Vegas attorney, well-known for his brilliant defence of several Eastern-bloc cyber scammers and hackers. He has decided to give his opinion on what is currently happening within the sports betting industry in Bulgaria, a place that deserves a red card for their severe corruption in sports, according to the US Embassy. According to him, the modus operandi hasn’t changed much in a decade; it merely evolved. Times have changed, and sports betting is taking place more and more online.

Thus adaptation had to be made to keep the match-fixing action alive too. The days when money was handed in an envelope are mostly something of the past. Even though it doesn’t mean that these age-old tactics aren’t applied anymore, they still are very valid and useful, but cybercrime moved up into a new level of importance for these rulers of the underworld. Now results had to be rigged online and matches fixed in a different format. Within an industry worth more than $150 billion, no one expected that the criminal enterprises would step away from a piece of this very lucrative pie.

Cyber-Criminals Taking Your Money

Wooldridge pointed out that cyber-criminals are on the rise. Punters place their beds after being duped into betting with the side of the criminal. If the gambler ends up losing the bet, the criminal walks away with your money rightfully, and it is your loss. In the case of placing your wager at one of these cyber-criminal syndicates, they don’t mind if you win either, for still, you will have to bid your money good-bye. It is truly as simple as refusing to pay your winnings, and they are gone with your funds. When criminal operations shifted to this level, the trouble and risk of match-fixing become unnecessary, since either way, the criminal will have taken their loot.