Why Is Paul Scholes Fined for Betting on Soccer?

This week has seen Manchester United former midfielder Paul Scholes being fined a hefty £8 000 for betting on soccer. Over the period from August 2015 up until January 2019, Scholes has placed bets on 140 soccer matches.

Breaking the FA Rules

The 44-year old Scholes claims that it was a mistake and that he genuinely didn’t realize that he is breaking the rules. He was under the impression that as long as that he doesn’t have any personal ties with any of the games played that he placed bets on, it would have been fine. This is not how the Football Association saw the matter and not only did Scholes receive a fine, but also a firm warning about future misconduct. Scholes was taking full responsibility and admitted to being at fault. He also confirmed that the mistake was on his side and he should have further investigated the rules to be sure that he is not over-stepping them, which he failed to do.

The Reasons for the Fine

In 2013 Scholes retired from playing soccer and then became the owner of Salford in 2014 with four other former Manchester United players. Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs were all part owners with him. It is mainly based on these connections that the Football Association came to their verdict and the resulting fine against Scholes. The reasons that they stated includes the following, during a period when the Manchester United club still employed both Butt and Giggs, Scholes placed eight bets on the club. Then there were also bets that Scholes made on FA Cup ties which the FA didn’t approve of even though it was done after Salford City was no longer in the tournament.

Then lastly he also placed a bet on a game between Spanish clubs Barcelona and Valencia, and it was done during a time when Gary Neville was still employed as the manager of Valencia. The FA rules also state that anyone working in the game is prohibited from betting on it. The commission did, however, determine that they couldn’t find any way how Scholes could have or attempted to influence the outcomes of these games. His total profit which he made on these bets amounts to £5 831, and the chances he made amounted to £26 159.

His Involvement with Soccer

Scholes had a successful soccer career at Manchester United before retiring. He was part of winning three FA Cups, 11 Premier League Titles and two Champions League Crowns. Since retiring, he had been involved with Salford, which was the primary cause for him being at fault with placing bets. In the meantime, he has resigned from his position as director at Salford although he retained his 10% shareholding in the club. Scholes’s most recent involvement with soccer entailed him being the manager of Oldham Athletic. He has been in this position for only seven matches before walking out again after 31 days stating that he was misled by club management.