Yahoo Sports Releases Mobile Sportsbook

Legalized sportsbetting is becoming more widely accepted in the United States of America. To profit on the growing market, Yahoo Sports has partnered with MGM Resorts with the release of a new mobile sportsbook that for residents over the age of 21 in New Jersey. Those selecting this service have access to betting odds on all American sporting activities, including the National Football League and National Basketball Association. The Yahoo Sportsbook is being operated through the BetMGM platform, proven for its reliable betting services.

The Sportsbook launched weeks after the announcement was made by Yahoo, which is governed by its parent company Verizon. MGM Resorts & Casino announced this partnership to provide legalized states with sports betting services. This deal has also allowed Yahoo Sports to become the leading digital media partner for MGM Resorts.

The Verizon Media Chief Executive Officer, Guru Gow, spoke with reporters extensively after the announcement was made. He mentioned that this partnership is historic for both BetMGM and Yahoo Sports, with the potential for it to attract new fans that will experience an engaging platform with ecommerce. He finished his media day by noting that Verizon Media wants to provide products that consumers can connect with on the deepest of levels.

The First Launch

When Yahoo Sportsbook first launched in New Jersey, they allowed new customers to receive $100.00 on a $10.00 deposit. Yahoo Sports confirmed that this same offer would be made available for customers in additional states when legalized sports betting becomes nationwide. It was only at the beginning on November that Colorado became the 19th state to approve sports betting legislations. Multiple states have begun creating or discussing proposals for online sports betting since the Federal Government lifted the ban in May 2018 which put the power of determining their stance on sports betting on a case-by-case basis.

Sportsbooks have begun to hire national stars from the Baseball, Basketball, Football and Soccer leagues operated in America. The most recent football star in talks with a sports gambling service is Golden Tate with the New York Giants. The wide receiver appears in a NoSweat advertisement campaign. Other states that are considering legalized sports betting have used New Jersey as a proof-of-concept. On average, it’s estimated that residents of New Jersey wager more than $480 Million monthly. When sports betting becomes a nationwide operation, states everywhere will earn large sums of tax revenue. Yahoo Sportsbook will also obtain large quantities of profit with 60 Million monthly viewers.