Young Players to Keep in Mind in 2019

There is a whole selection of new young players that are not yet household names, but they will be one day. The youngsters are itching to play their way to top grade and have the potential to become some of the most famous players, which makes them the ones to keep an eye on 2019.

Top Grade Players in the Making

Called the next generation of knights, the new guns to keep in mind include Aidan Guerra, Mitchell Pearce and Kalyn Ponga, while the ones that have recently been promoted to the ISP NSW are unquestionably the once you should keep an eye on in the next season.

Beau Fermor

Knights supporters are already familiar with the name, especially since the last season’s back-rower impressed everyone. Named as the Jersey Flegg play of 2018, Beau Fermor was also named as one of the top 20 Knights players of the year. He is most known for never slacking in defence and seen as a fierce competitor since he joined the knights a year ago. Fermor is from Melbourne and last year the 20-year-old represented Queensland, he joins the NRL training squad in the new year as a full-timer.

Starford To’a

Starford To’a is from New Zealand and joined the Knights this year, when he started with SG Ball in the last season he played fullback and finished second in the competition for scoring ranks. At the SG Ball season conclusion, he moved into the centre position when he played in the 20s. Starford To’s is best known for his outstanding pace and footwork and the Australian schoolboy will celebrate his 19th birthday in 2019, while he is already signed until the end of the 2021 season.

Phoenix Crossland

When it comes to leadership qualities, Phoenix Crossland, the halfback stands out amongst the rest of the players. He started with SG Ball during the last season of 2018 and he already captained the side, while under 18’s player represented NSW as a halfback. Crossland, after wrapping up the SG Ball, moved into the 20s and became the top-choice playmaker. He is an extremely strong defender and is most favoured for his slick kicking during a game and super-fast pace. Phoenix Crossland, in 2019 joins the NRL and is signed until the end of 2021 with the Knights.

Mathew Croker

Named the player of the year in the SG Ball, Mathew Croker has also captained the under 18s of the Knights in 2017. Moving in 2018 from the Jersey Flegg team, he is one of the most popular players from the mid-north coast and will celebrate his 20th birthday in 2019. Harry, his younger brother is also playing for the Knights.

Bradman Best

With maturity far beyond his 18 years of age, Bradman Best is favoured most for his game-changing ability and the centre-fullback is signed with the Knights, due to his fast and powerful play.